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Here’s a list of answers to frequently asked questions. You’ll be sure to find the information you are looking for. If not, please don’t hesitate to call us or send us a message, we’ll answer you as quickly as possible.

1. We have rented a mobile home. At what time can we arrive? And at what time we should leave?
We’ll be expecting you from 4pm. On the day you leave, the mobile home must be vacated at 10 am at the latest.

2. Mobile home: can we arrive any day of the week?
It depends on the period in the season.
Outside July and August, you are free to choose your arrival day (subject to availabilities), for 2 nights or more.
In July and August, arrivals and departures take place on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, for a minimum stay of 7 nights.

3. Camping pitches: we have booked a camping pitch. At what time can we arrive? And at what time we should leave?
Camping pitches are available from 2 pm and must be vacated at midday on the day you leave. You are free to choose your arrival day.

4. Can I arrive after the closing time of the reception office?
NO, except in case of emergencies… The reception closes at 7 pm in low season and at 8 pm in high season. Late arrivals are not possible, and therefore we ask you to arrive within the opening hours of the reception office.
In case of late arrivals in low season (outside July and August) a mobile phone number will be displayed at the reception. In July and August, you can contact the security staff at the campsite entrance, who will guide you to your pitch.

5. I’ll be arriving a day late / leave a day early…
In these cases, there will be no refunds. We ask you to contact us in case of a late arrival, to avoid unnecessary worrying. In case of an early departure, please inform us about your departure time, for us to prepare a staff member to do the final inspection of your rental.

6. Are pets allowed in the mobile homes?
Yes and no. Tattooed or chipped dogs, if vaccinated and weighing less than 6 kg, are allowed. They should be kept on a lead all through the stay. Cats are not allowed, and neither are dogs of the 1st and 2nd categories.

7. How does driving on and off the campsite work?
The barriers at the campsite entrance will open by using the badge handed to you on arrival in exchange for a 20€ warranty deposit.
Value of the badge in case of loss: 20€
Vehicles are not allowed to drive around the campsite between 11.30 pm and 7 am, except in case of an emergency.

8. Warranty deposit: when will it be asked?
On arrival. A warranty deposit of 300€ will be asked per rental accommodation:
– 200€ for the general state of the rental,
– 100€ for the final cleaning.
The warranty deposit can be left in cash or by credit card. It will be handed back to you after the final inspection of your rental done by one of the staff members and after deduction of possible damaged or lost items, or by invoicing the final cleaning service when the rental is not entirely cleaned on departure.

9. Can I install an arbour, extra tent or other equipment on the plot of my mobile home?
No. For security reasons, it is not allowed to install small tents or other equipment on the plot of a mobile home.

10. I’d like to barbecue, is it allowed?
Charcoal barbecues and electric barbecues are both prohibited.

11. Can I park several cars on my pitch?
NO, but there is enough space for one vehicle. In case of more than one vehicle, you can make use of a free parking space with video surveillance, at the campsite entrance.

12. I’d like to receive family and/or friends, can I?
We understand your wish to receive friends or family. But you’ll understand we can’t accept everyone on site. That is why, just like on all campsites, we are kept to the maximum number of persons allowed on site. This number cannot be exceeded for insurance reasons. Therefore, visitors are asked to pay a visitors’ fee. For security reasons and for the comfort of all campsite guests, the reception reserves the right to refuse access to visitors when the maximum number of persons allowed per mobile home is exceeded. In any case, please introduce your visitors at the reception, to avoid getting a warning from our management or one of the staff members. Visitors’ vehicles are not allowed to access the campsite; they can park on a free parking space outside the campsite.

13. Can visitors access the pool?
The water park is free of access and exclusively reserved for persons staying on the campsite. Therefore, visitors have no access.

14. I’m having someone over to stay…
For comfort reasons, our rental accommodations are suitable for a maximum of 4 to 6 persons, subject to the type of mobile home. When you’re having someone over to stay for a night or two, please make sure you rent a mobile home suitable to welcome an extra person and please register that person at the campsite reception to pay for the tourist taxes and fill out the required papers.

15. What is the departure procedure: final inspection, getting back the warranty deposit, etc.?
For the final inspection, we ask you to make an appointment the day before you leave, to set a time. We divide all appointments between 8 am and 10 am. When you decide to leave before the reception opens, this final inspection will be done without you being present. If there is nothing to declare, we will make sure your credit card details will be destroyed. In case of missing items, damage or insufficient cleaning, we will contact you.

16. And what if I choose to pay for the final cleaning on departure… ?
If you choose to pay for the final cleaning on departure, you can book this option on arrival at the campsite at the latest, subject to available time slots. Please note: in any case, the dishes and cupboards must be cleaned by you before you leave. Bin bags must be left in the containers and the mobile home plot must be tidy.

17. I’d like to book a specific mobile home…
You prefer a particular plot or you’d like to stay next to family or friends? The sooner you book, the more chance you have to pick a mobile home.

18. Tariffs, services, tourist tax… what is included in the price of my stay?
Our tariffs include VAT and the following services:

  • The wearing of the campsite bracelet
  • The parking of 1 vehicle on your pitch
  • The use of gas, water and electricity (10 ampere)
  • The use of the accommodation and equipment
  • Access to the sanitary and other on-site facilities
  • Access to the water park
  • Access to the activities, kids’ and teens club
  • Free loan of iron and board

19. The tourist tax is of 0.65€ per night and per person of 18 years and older.

20. When should I pay the down payment and the balance?
Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of your down payment.
The down payment represents 25% of the total amount + 25€ booking fee.
You can pay the down payment by international bank transfer, credit card or money order.
The balance of your stay must be paid 30 days before you arrive. If not, we hold the right to cancel your booking.
The balance can be paid by credit card. In case you book 30 days or less before you arrive, the total amount of the stay must be paid upon reservation.

21. Do you offer an option for cancellation insurance?
When booking you can take out cancellation insurance with the French company CAMPEZ COUVERT. The general terms of this insurance can be found in a downloadable file on our website. Please read these terms carefully as not all the reasons for cancellation will be accepted. If you cancel you’ll have to contact the French insurance company CAMPEZ COUVERT. When you don’t take out this cancellation insurance the same time you book, you won’t be able to add it at a later stage. In that case, you should contact your own insurance company to add cancellation insurance.

22. I’d like to cancel my stay…
When you decide to take out cancellation insurance with CAMPEZ COUVERT, you’ll need to contact the insurance company to inform them of the cancellation or interruption of your stay. You’ll get a refund 72 hours after receipt of your request for cancellation.
If you cancel your stay before you arrive, we will not refund your down payment. We’ll ask you to call us to inform us about your cancellation. The cancellation will be confirmed on receipt of a written confirmation (e-mail or letter).
When you do not show up on the day of arrival and without any news from your side, your booking will be kept for 24 hours. The day after your planned arrival day at 4 pm your booking will be vacated for rent. In that case, there will be no refund.

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